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Leo Baumgartner

Wartschensiedlung 20
9900 Lienz - Austria

Mobile: +43 (0)664 220 45 73
Phone/Fax: +43 (0)4852 68770

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Nature is like good music, put the two together in a film and you create big emotions.

Who am I?
I cannot find happiness by doing nothing.

What do we believe in?
Working with friends, fairness and the future.

What do we want?
For creative people from all around the world to come to the mountains to make their visions come true. For all involved to have a good time and create something together.

What is the challenge?
Primarily, to find locations suitable for the project. We want to meet the director’s, DoP’s and Production’ expectations to translate their ideas into reality.

Where do we work?
Austria, Alps, Europe, if need be Asia. Wherever you need to find the right outdoor location.

Stornig, Hörhager, Dworak, Baumgartner, and and and
Their backgrounds are the mountains; they grew up in the mountains and are still there as there is nowhere else they’d rather be.

Climbing since 1971, preferably in the Alps. Since 1978 mountain guide, mountain guide trainer for 10 years, author, since 1992 licensed photographer, since 1997 specialising in outdoor and mountain shoots, since 2003 cablecam and since 2007 time-lapse photography.


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